Thursday, March 22, 2007

Turn !

72 hours are up n ive been all the way thru my personal hell and back... well, almost!
is 'grace under fire' for real? guess, i pulled (something like) it off alright..
its a goddamn bend in my comfy existence n iam scared like shit when i see the curve.
not gonna meditate over the crisis. meditation has got a bad habit of blanking out ur thoughts n pitching u into levitation mode.. dont want tht right now. need all the good sense i can muster n my feet planted firmly on good, sweet earth.
i'll wait for the jitters to pass n if they dont, i'll walk with my eyes wide shut n chase the bend all the same. i nurse no pipe dream that life would be its sweet old self all over again. it wont. thts fine, i guess.
just hope that its bright on the other side... thats not too much to ask for n i never was the asking sort..
Old guy up above ... pay heed n pitch me my Prometheus..