Thursday, November 24, 2005

Reflections(a.k.a Brief encounter with this crazy mind)


The average joe who thinks he is the best and that again makes him your average joe
Suffering from M.P.D (that’s multiple personality disorder for you)
There’s a part which responds to the name of dev and one that responds to the name of jai and another which responds to the acronym j.d (or jedi as you may please)
Feel sorry for the world which searches for its true identity coz ive found out the real me.
The only prob is I dunno which name it responds to.
Did someone say ‘Join the Crowd’?


boogersdelhidiaries said...

true true, so true.

dude, i think you are like most of us (well, like a few of us crazy ones anyway).haha.

Anonymous said...

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