Thursday, November 30, 2006

Two Dozen and counting...

Dedicated to all the crazy 'uns at MICA.. who took the time to throw a bday bash for me..

For the magic of the night...

I shout one BIG....

Hallelujah to the eggs that ran out of stock
And to the tomatoes that refused to go rotten for the sock
Hallelujah to the kind soul that baptized me with waters warm
And to the magic of the moment; its craziness and its charm
Hallelujah to the denim I wore
That saved my rump from those birthday bumps
And to the synchronized chants under the moon
Cronies by the side and that crazy old tune

I know it’s a bad take on stuffs trivial and a sad attempt at rhyming
But it’s high time that I said it out coz its all about right timing
If it sounds crappy, so be it.
Coz a couple of those kicks hurt
And if it sounds mushy so be it
Coz the cake was so tasty that I licked my finger dirt.

(Cant you just say a simple thanks
And spare us the misery of singing how bullets rhyme with tanks…
*some one screams*)

That’s one thing I refuse to do
To get away with a plain thank you
Coz the day was blessed and so am I
Blinded with the brilliance of guys like you

Hallelujah alright!

And after 2 dozen years, the poet in me riseth
And I stand rambling on how it was always on my blood
Someone get wise and knock me on my head


lash said...

the dead poet please rise again,
you have a way that drives away pain

funny post. happy birthday! i dint know!!!

Id it is said...

Happy Birthday, belated!
Good to see you back after quite a while.

Cherubic Imp said...

long time u devil...keep posting..

tanu said...

wishing i was one of them denting ure rump
for the poem is the best thank u to any lump!
(wordsworth is turning really fast in his grave!)
nice post... happy birthday!!

Dany said...

O Captain! my Captain! your wonderful trip has started;
The ship has weathered most of the rack, the prize you sought is almost won;
The port is near, the bells I hear, the people all exalted;
While follow eyes the steady keel, the vessel joyful and lofty.

Hoping Walt Whitman wont hurt me!
good one. keep writing

D said...

Good to cu back. Hope you enjoyed knowing that you're getting older.

jedi said...

Thnx all of ya..

Sasi Kumar said...


Vagabond said...

JD mone . . post more poems . . me likes it